Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a prescription?

No, both NJ and PA allow physical therapists to treat with direct access, this means you are able to see a therapist without a prescription. Every patient will receive a comprehensive evaluation and discussion of medical history, if we feel a consultation with another health care practitioner is needed, we will directly communicate that to you and provide a recommendation as needed.

How are visits determined?

Each case is truly unique! We will determine a plan of care with you after the first visit with the proposed number of visits you may need. This may depend upon the diagnosis, acuity, extent of the injury, and your individualized goals.

Why cash based physical therapy?

Cash practice allows us to treat you the way we feel you deserve. We firmly believe every patient deserves quality 1 on 1 care at each and every visit. By treating under a cash model, this allows us to provide you with the attention, time, and quality you deserve.

What do you treat?

As orthopedic certified specialists we are able to treat the entire body from head to toe. This includes (but certainly is not limited to) neck pain, headaches, back pain, spinal stenosis, sciatic pain, rotator cuff injuries,meniscus tears, knee or hip arthritis, ligament injuries, knee/ankle sprains, overuse injuries, chronic/persistent pain, and pelvic pain.